Edgar Allan Poe (1809 –1849) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is known for his short stories. He is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He was a poet, editor and literary critic, and is best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre. His efforts to be self sufficient from his writing alone led to a financially difficult life and career. His mysterious death has never been solved.






















by Edgar Allan Poe

with wood engravings by George A. Walker

This fine press book is crafted by hand, using the finest letterpress printmaking techniques. Letterpress is a relief printing process. It involves locking moveable type or plates into the bed of a press, inking it, and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression. It was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century and remains in wide use for the printing of fine books and art. In addition to the direct impression of inked type, letterpress is also used for the printing of artists’ blocks such as wood engravings. This book is illustrated with two hand cut wood engravings and several hand printed polymer plate mandalas.


A Rare Story by Poe

When Edgar Allan Poe first published The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar in December of 1845 many people believed it was a true account of a medical experiment. Some have suggested it is the first modern zombie story. The story first appeared in The Broadway Journal, a New York periodical that featured literary reviews and critiques of Art, theater, and music and political commentary as well as some poetry. Poe had been a regular contributor to the Journal since its inception by Charles Frederick Briggs and Jon Bisco. It is also important to note that The Broadway Journal was purchased by Poe the same year that The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar appeared and it was the only magazine that Poe ever owned and operated but it only lasted until January 3, 1846 when Poe announced, “Unsuspected engagements demanding my whole attention, … I now, as its editor, bid farewell - as cordially to foes as to friends.”  The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar was published simultaneously in the December 20, 1845, issue of the American Review: A Whig Journal with the title The Facts in M. Valdemar's Case.  This same journal was the first to publish Poe’s The Raven but it too ceased operations due to financial stress in 1849, coincidentally the year of Poe’s death.

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Each book features blind stamping on the front and gold on the spine. Edgar Allen Poe's name is on the front cover in gold the rest of the cover design is blind stamped. 60 copies are full bound in chestnut brown and the 10 special deluxe copies are bound in black leather with slip cases. There are 32 pages that measure 7" X 9.75" (18 X 24 cm) Each book is signed and numbered by the artist George A. Walker.


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